4 Top Beach Bars Around the World

Best beach bars

Having a holiday at the beach is sure to be an unforgettable experience for everyone. And among the activities you're going to enjoy there, the beach bar is one of our favs. 

Enjoying an exotic cocktail or cool beer while watching the sunset, feeling the refreshing night breeze, or having a good chat with your friends or couple. This really heals your soul and gets the stress away, don't you think? To make you feel inspired and ready for your next vacation, we gathered a list of the best beach bars in the world. 

La Susana, José Ignacio, Uruguay

Being a part of Uruguay's Bahia Beek Beach Resort, you can have a walk for a few minutes to reach this coastal restaurant and bar. For those who love to watch the sunset on the beach, La Susana is the best option for you, as it is famous for providing a spectacular moment while the great red star dives under the ocean waves.

The drink you must try at La Susana is its Christiana Clericot, a kind of tropical Primus drink that you can enjoy while you taste its variety of delicious local meats and fish prepared on the grill.


Flora-Bama Lounge, Pensacola, Florida, United States

This beach bar has earned its reputation for being a place with an ideal combination of fun: live music, delicious food, and a honky-tonk experience. Flora-Bama can offer you a festive atmosphere where you can release all your stress and have fun all the way.


Lola’s, Playa Avellana, Costa Rica

The formula to have the best experience on the beach: a cocktail on your hand and sand under your toes. Lola’s, in Playa Avellana is a beach bar where you can lay back and enjoy a large variety of tropical drinks such as Cuba Libre or Caipirinha, or even exotic fruit cocktails like Guanabana Margarita. Be sure you savor it under a palm leaf umbrella in one of Lola’s oceanside hammocks. 


Purobeach, Tivat, Montenegro

Located on a mini peninsula in the middle of Porto Montenegro, this bar delivers a 180-degree view to amaze your senses. Additionally, there are several indoor and outdoor sections for your choice, a refreshing pool and massage services, so you can enjoy day and night as you need 


We have picked a few beach bars that we feel it’s worth your time to discover. Do you have any other suggestions for us? 

Have in mind that every beach bar delivers a different experience, and you might want to choose the one that will cheer you up during your travel.