5 Main Countries To Visit In Europe 

5 Main Countries To Visit In Europe 

Are you looking for a dream location with amazing art and architecture? or scenic valleys, magical fairytale castles? What about an impressive spot with picturesque beaches and nightlife scenes? Europe is definitely the best option for you. However, with 44 countries and a big diversity of language and culture, you might be confused about where to start. Today, our blog post will pick up the top 5 main countries to visit in Europe that will give you an unforgettable trip.



Ranked in the top 3 most searched countries in 2021, Greece is a perfect place to relax and hosts millions of visitors every year. Spectacular scenes and food are things that truly describe Greece. You can enjoy a romantic sailing cruise along the coast of Santorini with the view of blue sky and domes top whitewashed building. 

Local dishes in Greece inspired by Turkish and Italian cuisine will bring you a unique experience. Fresh seafood and cheese in Greece are too appealing for you to deny.



France is more than Eifel Tower, museum and wine. This country offers various attractions for visitors with its romance, art, culture, enormous palaces, castles all across the country. 

France has different hidden gems that are waiting for you to discover. How about visiting medieval villages named Pérouges, St-Émilion, St-Jean Pied de Port? Or you wish to think outside the box, visiting lavender fields in Provence is ideal.



If France is a romantic country, Germany is best known for its magical atmosphere, and it's called the home to beautiful fairy tales castles and medieval old towns. Travelers can easily access the country by train or plane through European countries such as Denmark, Poland, Czech or Switzerland. 

For curious travelers, old buildings such as The Cologne Cathedral, Reichstag building, Neuschwanstein Castle, Heidelberg Castle are attractive places. Travelers can have the chance to discover fun festivals in Germany such as Oktoberfest, Cologne Carnival, or Unity Day.



Italy is the country that has a profound impact on Europe and Rome is considered to be the capital of the world. With its unique culture, Italy is like nowhere else on Earth. There are must-see sights in this country such as marvelous scenery with the Alps, Italian lake district, and Italian Riviera. Italy is famous for its influential art, architecture, and culture. Italy is a utopia for gastronomes with its tasty pasta, pizza, and gelato.



Iceland is a country for adventure seekers. This astonishing country attracts visitors with its majestic lands and captivating scenery. For challenging activities, you can go across from glaciers to fjords to volcanoes to ice caves to waterfalls to mountain ranges. Vatnajökull glacier also becomes the most coveted place to visit in Iceland. You can view the astonishing view of the northern lights here.