Best Beaches Below The Equator To Run From The Cold

Best Beaches Below The Equator To Run From The Cold

Winter coming is a notification for a sun-soaked beach getaway. While Hawaii, Mexico, and the Caribbean beaches might be some of the favorite spots for a vacation; beaches located below the equator will be ideal choices for swimming and icy cool cocktails. Here is our guide to the best beaches below the equator to run from the cold during the winter season for us in Europe. 

Coral Bay, Western Australia

Coral Bay is located in Western Australia and protected by the World Heritage Ningaloo Reef. Coral Bay is special with its clear crystal waters that enable you or your family to observe fish and coral easily. This is an ideal place for beach activities like basking in the sun or joining snorkeling, scuba, and kayak tours. Another amazing experience the Bay offers is seeing the migration of the Humpback Whales in winter.

Clifton Beach, Cape Town, South Africa

Clifton Beach is a series of four continuous beaches located in South Africa's Cape Peninsula. The beach is known as a great place for a holiday thanks to its buzzy and merry atmosphere. The soft white sand and majestic blue water of Cliffton beach are great for beach activities: board surfing, volleyball, beach bats, or tossing around a frisbee. In case you find the weather too hot, you can enjoy sunset cocktails by an easy transition from the broad beach to the buzzing cafes on the Camps Bay strip.

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Wineglass Bay, Tasmania

Want to enjoy a spectacular place? Wineglass Bay will amaze you with curving bush-fringed shoreline, white sand, and clear crystal waters. This beautiful spot is popular with kayaking, sailing, and fishing. The greatest thing at Wineglass is you not only observe the sea marine but see the wild animals like wallabies, wombats, quolls. The reason comes from its special location: Wineglass lies on the Freycinet Experience Walk which is one of the top hikes in Australia.

Hyams Beach, New South Wales 

If you are looking for a popular getaway in Australia, you can not miss Jervis Bay Marine Park, Hyams Beach. The beach is the most famous in Australia. You can enjoy beach activities here with swimming, snorkeling, stand-up paddleboarding, or fishing. If you are bored with those things, you can explore another once-in-a-lifetime experience at this beach. You can bushwalking along the powdery shores and see colorful crimson rosellas and honeyeaters. But if you need a quiet place to enjoy your me-time, a local coffee shop with snacks and local drinks will make you happy.