Best stylish and comfortable swimwear options for men

Best stylish and comfortable swimwear options for men

When warm weather season rolls around, it’s time to beat the heat with your beach vacation at any dream spot in the world or even a pool party at your friend’s home. Wherever you choose to head for some H2O, it’s essential to find swimwear that keeps you comfortable and easy to take part in any activities all day long. Today, we got you covered with the most popular and flattering types of men’s stylish swimwear for summer.


Showiness may not be for everyone, as some guys still feel insecure about their body shape. That’s when swimming trunks come to mind. This type of swimwear, with a comfortable and above-the-knee fit, can easily flatter any body type. 

Trunks are a great choice for beach activities thanks to their light, fast-drying material such as nylon or polyester. These materials will enable you to perform well in the water and dry quickly after a dip. With swimming trunks, you can feel free to lay back on the beach, play volleyball, or swim. 

Swimming trunks have a classic look, and the pattern on them is always on-trend and can match with any of your preferred styles. If you are are into the classic and elegant look, solid color trunks with a simple pattern such as stripes can be a good fit for you. In case you like a fun and active look, tropical patterns or beach-inspired patterns with a fun color mix-and-match are your choices to go.

Board Shorts

If you are more of a sportive man and challenge yourself on a beach vacation with outdoor activities such as bodyboarding, surfing, or paddleboarding, board shorts might come first on your list. They are best known for being the main choice of adventurous surfers around the world. 

Board shorts are longer than swimming trunks to protect your leg from chafing on your board. They also feature a drawstring and make you feel comfortable when it comes to beach activities.

Board shorts are stylish with a funky design, bold color, and yesteryear symbol printed on them. You will find yourself be classic and unique at the same time.

Swimming briefs

Swimming briefs are for those who care about the importance of performance and competitiveness while swimming or sunbathing. Besides, if you are confident with your body and can hold all attention, swimming briefs are an intelligent way to show your V-shaped body on the beach.

This type of swimwear will give you the freedom to move, run or swim. However, you might want to consider the beach you are going to since these swimming briefs are not popular in some regions.

To enjoy your beach trip or pool day, you should take into account picking the right swimwear for you. Whatever type of swimwear you choose, remember to opt for things that can ensure your beach activities, your comfort, and your fashion taste as well.