Best tips to really relax on vacation

Best tips to really relax on vacation

Recent research shows that 28% of adults in the US worked more than they thought they would during their time off and this made them feel more stressed. To totally unplug from work duties and fully enjoy your vacation is never easy. Check out our top tips to really unwind during your trip.

1. Plan ahead for your vacation:

A good plan for your holiday is well-preparing the budget and the location you would like to visit, and it is much better to make sure all your tasks will be organized beforehand. Some simple but effective things you can do are setting away messages and letting your partners and your colleagues be aware that you will be out of the office for a period of time. You can provide a person that can be reached in your absence. These tips will ensure that you don't get interrupted by urgent deadlines or pop-up emails, SMS and help you to say goodbye to guilt while totally turning off your phone for work.

2. Choose the right location:

A true location can really enhance your enjoyment. The location can matter when it comes to your personality: an extrovert will be usually open to adventurous activities and an introvert will probably need a more calm place. A suitable location can help you to meet your relaxation goals. If you seek peace, you better go lake fishing rather than to a beach concert with high music and hundreds of people.

3. Do nothing:

Relaxing does not mean you have to be active all day long. Sometimes, you just need to do nothing to put your mind and body in chill mode. Feeling free to take a nap or lay on the sand beach to enjoy the peace and quiet. It is ideal to choose a favorite view to read a book or listen to relaxing music to soothe your soul.

4. Live like a local

Surrounded by noisy sounds and familiar things of the cities, it would be a great time to explore different aspects of local life during your vacation. Imagine you stay in a vacation cottage, discover new sites, sounds, and smells of the countryside. Or you can eat the local dishes that are not served in the city such as freshly caught fish or hand-picked strawberries. All these experiences will help you to stay away from the stressed life. 


Our tips above can really help you to stay away from stress during holidays, no matter if you stay near your town, go to the beach, or visit a vibrant city. Utilize them to leave work at the office (or home office) and switch your brain into relaxing mode. Do you have any tips that you would like to share with us?