El Nido, Philippines: Where to go and what to do

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El Nido has been ranked one of the top tourist destinations in the Philippines and has become the #1 choice for the travel man bucket list. With various unspoiled and astonishing beaches and numerous sorts of accommodation, El Nido will blow your mind and take you a lot of time to consider where to visit. At Island Threads team, we are 100% beach lovers and are always looking for the best experiences and astonishing views around the globe. Today, let’s discover the best places and activities to do in this Philippines paradise.

Pinagbuyutan Island

If you are a fan of meditation and trekking rather than swimming, this Island is your spot. Bordered by coconut trees with the beach bank peppered with rock and plants, Pinagbuyutan offers a unique place for people to walk and enjoy nature.

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Calitang Beach

If you love to watch a sunset, no place can beat Calitang beach. Located right next to Nakpan Beach, the point where these two beaches meet is called Twin Beach. It has become one of the main tourist attractions in El Nido. From here, you can have a spectacular view with the orange sky reflecting in the water. It is a great place to spend time with your loved one.

Las Cabanas Beach

The views from Las Cabanas Beach are breathtaking. Las Cabanas Beach will steal your heart with its turquoise water and several restaurants and bars, and it features some of the most magnificent sunsets in the Philippines, of which few people are aware. Remember to try the zip line if you're feeling daring.

Snake Island

Vigan Island, often known as Snake Island, is one of El Nido's most beautiful beaches. Don't worry, this beach is not infested with reptiles, despite its name. This one comes from its sandbar, which is designed like an elegant serpent.

The sandbar on Vigan Island is only visible during low tide, but tourists can still walk along to it even if the water is high.

A trail trick is also included. A view platform at the trail's end provides tourists with an unobstructed view over the area as well as the limestone formations of the surrounding beaches.

El Nido, Philippines is the true paradise that you can not miss for your vacation. We just suggest some interesting places for you, there are more hidden gems that you can discover and share with us.

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