How to experience the beach from comfort of your home

How to experience the beach from comfort of your home

The coastal house style is one of the most popular styles, bringing a fresh and relaxing feeling like a great vacation in your own home.

In case that you're stuck in your house, away from the tropical life, let's take that as an opportunity to improve and bring the beach vibe to you. We don't need to go far, but just changing the simple details in our house helps us feel the air from the sea. Here are a few easy to apply tips  


The simplest and most classic way to add a seaside feel is to hang seashells that have been strung together on the front door or in front of the window so that when the wind blows, the sound of its collision will bring a joyful feeling like music every day.

Decorate with Blues and Whites

Blue is the color representing the sea, so with this main color, it will bring the taste of the sea to us.

We can hang artwork on the walls that take our mind to that beloved tropical place, and around the room, we can decorate the furniture with white and nautical accents for a refreshing new look. With striking blue patterned pillows on the upholstered couch combined with elegantly arranged pieces of driftwood and seashells bring the room together. For the beds, let's swap colored and patterned sheets and linen with white versions to give a fresher look. 

Add in Some Natural Textures

Raw or raw-finished wood is a great option. There are countless ways to add a natural touch to your home.

In our kitchen, we can change to wooden items, or woven bamboo with a rustic, simple style.

A twine and rustic wooden lantern combined with a table runner, chargers, and driftwood bowl give a perfect summery waterside feel.

You can add fun pastel green, turquoise, and yellow upholstered chairs that can make you feel like you're on vacation every day of the week.

And don't forget to add some tropical vibe plants for a bright color accent. Any type of long grass will look very coastal, as are leafy potted plants or some flowers even if they aren't really tropical. The point is to bring nature indoors with bright colors. If plants aren't your cup of tea or if you can't find something that matches the weather you live in, you can consider artificial versions of your favorite vegetation.  

There are so many ways to get creative, so don't be afraid to try things out!