How are plastic bottles turned into Island Threads swimwear?

How are plastic bottles turned into Island Threads swimwear?

Although plastic bottles are flexible and convenient for use, they take up to 450 years to decompose. Shocking research reveals that if we continue to throw plastic into the oceans, by 2050, there will be more plastic bottles than fish in the ocean. The growth of plastic waste has caused atrocious effects for both marine flora and fauna. As a sustainable brand, Island Threads has come up with the idea to craft our shorts from purely recycled materials as a solution to protect the ocean from plastic waste.

From waste to wear

Island Threads shorts use Repreve recycled fiber. Our partner collects plastic bottles and sorts them based on color. To make bottles become yarn, it takes two main steps: First, the bottles will be shredded into flakes and then melted down into pellets. Second, pellets will be load into silos. One silo equals 27 million water bottles, a tremendous quantity of plastic waste that will turn into recycled clothes. These pellets need to undergo a process where they are extruded and spun into yarn.

When turning into a recycled yarn, the plastic bottles have become a regular thread and will go through the sewing and texturing process to transform into clothes.

From plastic bottles to eco-friendly swimming trunks

The idea of using recycled water bottles to make swimming trunks has helped Island Threads to contribute to the sustainable maintenance of the ocean and the environment. Our swim trunks ensure high performance for you to feel comfortable and active even when surfing or relaxing at the beach. Social responsibility and sustainability do not mean being boring or too formal. We promote innovative material together with an innovative design. Our swimming trunks' designs are inspired by the ocean life and stunning beaches around the world. We blend tropical colors and botanical patterns with a modern and minimal style. 

Protecting our ocean from plastic waste is still a challenge that each one of us has to overcome. Island Threads wants to be part of the solution. With stylish and eco-friendly swim shorts, we aim to fulfill our mission of being a sustainable brand by using recycled materials to reduce the number of plastic waste in the world.