How to look your best wearing swim trunks

How to look your best wearing swim trunks

How to appear hot and attractive while you are semi-clothed at the pool or the beach is always the thing that concerns men the most. There are several questions men have to overcome via their bodies: What if we don’t have a perfect body? What if we don’t have six-pack abs or a fit body type? 

Don’t let those concerns preventing you from enjoying your summertime. Take a look at our tips below.

Know your body type

Whatever your body type is, you have to the golden rule remember: A good fit is the most important part. Suitable swimming trunks will show your strengths and hide your weaknesses for an incredible look. First, define whether you are athletic, husky, or slim. If you have an athletic body type, you will be good to go with any style. However, wide patterns and attractive colors will be ideal. For more robust men, we recommend avoiding horizontal lines on a pair of loose but not baggy swim trunks. For very slim men, the length of the swim trunks is what you should put attention to. Prefer shorter trunks with bold or busy prints. 

Make color and pattern work for you.

Taking advantage of colors and patterns will help you to enhance how you look. If you are a little bit chubby and wish to appear slimmer, dark solid trunks will be a good idea. Men do not need to wear simple and boring clothes. While swimming at the beach, swim shorts with single-eye catching pop of color or block of colors would help you to stand out. 

For pattern, remember our golden rules:

  • Wearing horizontal patterns to appear wider
  • Wearing vertical patterns to trim you down
  • Wearing tropical patterns to be attractive 

Your skin is your main accessory

While you only cover up with swimming shorts at the beach or the pool, your skin is what you should take care of. Beautiful and healthy skin can help you look better. And always remember to use a tanner with sun protection, especially if you have lighter-toned skin. Sunscreen is an important thing that you can’t forget. Sunscreen will help you get away from getting burnt as well as bad skin conditions and even cancer. You do not want to be walking down the beach with your back and shoulders all red!