How to make your swim trunks last longer

How to make your swim trunks last longer

Swimming trunks are essential for your beach vacation. However, the sun, the salty water, and some outdoor activities can make your trunks start to fade or go baggy. To help extend your swimming shorts life, there are some dos and don’ts that you can follow. Let’s dive into which things should you bear in mind to take care of them:

Wash in cold water

After a beach day, salt from the ocean can seep into the fabric and damage its appearance. Hence, you should try to wash away all damaging stuff from your trunks. One of the most important things is to use cold water instead of warm or hot water to wash your swimming shorts. Warm water can make your trunks loosen or fade as the warm water will harm the material’s fibers. 


Rinse your swimming trunks as soon as possible sounds simple but it is an essential step to keep your swimming trunks remove chlorine or salt from swim water. Even if you just sunbathe, rinsing your swimming shorts also helps to remove your own body oil or sunblock.

Hand wash

Swimming trunks are often made from delicate garments. Hence, using a washing machine to wash your trunks can agitate it. It is recommended that you hand wash your shorts with a gentle detergent.

Hand to dry in shade

If you want to make your swimming shorts look like new ones and not fade, remember not to dry them under direct sunlight. Direct sunlight is bad for your swimming wear like hot water. You can let your swimming trunks air-dry on a flat surface.

Those tips are simple but important to keep your swimming trunks in great shape. Investing in good swimming trunks is important, but learning how to take care of your swimming shorts is essential too.