Stunning beaches that need to be on your bucket list

Stunning beaches that need to be on your bucket list

The beach has always held a huge place in our hearts, especially when summer comes to town. Whether your idea of a good holiday is laying on the white sands or swimming in the crystalline waters, our recommended bucket list will have you covered. We have picked out the top honeymoon-worthy destinations for your next trip. And even if you're not on your honeymoon, you have to go at least once in your life to these stunning beaches. Let’s continue to discover your own slice of paradise.


Bondi Beach, Australia

Bondi Beach, located in New South Wales, Australia is an ideal place for your next dream spot. The beach is best known for its natural beauty as well as relaxed style. Huge waves make it the perfect destination for an awesome surf experience and beach culture. Besides beach activities, residents and tourists alike can feel the chill vibe and cozy atmosphere thanks to the number of cafes and restaurants nearby. Bondi also proves itself as a famous place for enjoying thanks to its attractive parkland, where you can relax, play games or take a walk. The beach is a mix of adventure and a relaxed vibe, therefore; be sure to add it to your bucket list.

Kaua'i, Hawaii

Truth be told, all of Kaua'i is remarkable. The beach is named “The Garden Island”, which fully describes the whole place as the beach is covered with lush tropical rainforests and unending vegetation. The sharp mountains and jagged cliffs on the islands have formed a spectacular and stunning view that can blow any visitor's mind. The beach also offers various adventurous outdoor activities like kayaking, snorkeling, or ziplining. Whichever activity you choose to take part in, Kaua'i is sure the next paradise you do not want to miss.



Fiji is nestled in the South Pacific Ocean and it is known to be the world’s most heavenly coastline. Comprised of 333 separate islands, it is impossible to pick out the best. Fiji offers powdery white sand beaches that you can enjoy the ideal weather as well as the picturesque view. The residents are also warm and friendly and make you feel as if you are at home. Like Kaua'i, here you can kayak, go snorkeling or rent a boat and take a tour.


There are various beautiful beaches in the world but here we suggest some of the most stunning ones. Wherever you choose, we are sure each beach above can give an unforgettable memory for your next trip.