Summer is coming, celebrate with a bonfire on Walpurgis Night

Summer is coming, celebrate with a bonfire on Walpurgis Night

April is the time between spring and winter. For Northern and Eastern Europe, April is special as the last day of this month is Valborgmässoafton or Walpurgis Eve. It’s the time when people throughout the country will gather together and celebrate the traditional holiday with a bonfire. 


The tradition of this event comes from a story that people believe Evil spirits would be active on April 30, which was considered the last day of winter, and fires were lit to scare them away. Nowaday, people often associate the holiday with the spring equinox and summer solstice.

What to do

When the sun starts to go down, that's when things get going: The crowd will gather and the bonfires are lit. Fireworks are set off. The atmosphere will be fun and festive during the night. People will sing traditional songs of spring. Joining in the holiday, you can see organized choirs. 

An important part of the holiday is eating and drinking. There are hot-dog vendors and people can bring out their grills. We recommend you try garlic-studded roast lamb, scented with lemon and rosemary. 

For university students, it is traditional to wear white high-school graduation caps on this day. They will play games, boat races and other events all day long. 

Where to go

You will find an opportunity to join a bonfire gathering all around Sweden, no matter if you’re going with your family and children or if you got the party mood on. Here’s a couple of options you might want to check out: