The 5 best surf spots in the world

The 5 best surf spots in the world

When coming to the sea, one of the sports that many people love, discovering their own abilities is surfing. When participating in this sport, the location of surfing is an extremely important factor in deciding whether the game is interesting or not.

There are many of the best surf spots in the world that guarantee a safe novelty for beginners, but also an attraction and challenge for those who are already proficient who want to prove themselves in the difficult waves for an adventurous experience.

These are the 5 best surfing places you can start planning to visit for your next surfing adventure: 

1. Canggu, Bali

The beach stretches for 8 kilometers and surfing here is suitable for all levels, with Echo Beach perhaps being the best known.

New entrants can come here between March and June.

Those who are good and professional with this sport should come here between April and September. This is a great time for surfers to challenge themselves and create impressive performances as skillful as the dancers in the music festival.

2. Trestles, Orange County, California

Trestles Beach is the combination of easy paddle-outs and consistent high-quality breaks, which makes it one of Southern California's most revered destinations.

3. Jaws, Maui, Hawaii

This iconic big wave reef break located on the Hawaiian paradise takes its name from the ferocity of its waves.

Waves can reach unbelievable heights of 27 meters in winter when strong winds create inflated monsters, so this is where many surfers want to come to experience and challenge themselves. 

4. Pipeline, Oahu, Hawaii

This is one of those places that very few people can pass, but everyone dreams of bobbing to its perfect peak.

Located on the island where modern surfing developed with the heaviest waves in the world, more than six meters wide on the shallow base of a razor blade reef.

5. Arugam Bay, Sri Lanka 

The area is incredibly beautiful and sits on the edge of Yala East National Park and is perfect for spotting elephants, wild boar, and water buffalo.

 A-Bay is also well known for being located on a beautiful moon-shaped bay that has many beachfront cafes and eateries, as well as all the amenities you need for a surfing vacation. 

Find yourself a suitable and ideal surfing spot. See you there!