Top Beautiful Destinations to Visit in Spring Around the World

Top Beautiful Destinations to Visit in Spring Around the World

2022 is a special year as vaccine passports have enabled most countries to open doors and welcome visitors to travel. Enjoying yourself this year with a trip in Spring seems ideal as in this bloom-and-blossom season, you can celebrate the great outdoors and observe breathtaking natural landscapes under cozy weather. For more inspiration, check out top destinations to visit in Spring around the world.

1. Goldfield mountains, Arizona (USA)

If you love nature, you should visit Arizona in Spring, the supernatural is at work. You can immerse yourself in nature by hiking the towering Goldfield mountains. Under the warm sunshine, it is the perfect time to explore the great outdoors by hiking through the wilderness. 

2. Scania, Sweden

People often relate Sweden to winter. Though winters in Sweden are long, this country is one of the best places for spring getaways. In Spring, the days get longer and warmer, this is a great chance to travel in a comfortable and joyous mood. Spring light in Scania unleashes a spirit of renewal and you can witness the flat terrain and flower fields up to 500 kilometers. 

3. Keukenhof Gardens, Amsterdam (Netherlands)

Spring and flowers are like chocolate and Valentine; you’re sure to be in love while visiting Amsterdam in Spring. In the Netherlands, Keukenhof gardens will allow you to step into a colorful dream and walk in the largest flower garden in the world. It is more than a beautiful park as you can walk amongst the 80 acres of kept grass and 7 million flowers. In Spring, all flowers in this garden are in full bloom.

4. Yoshino, Japan

Spring is the best time to visit Japan. At this time, you’ll be greeted by blooming cherry blossom trees everywhere you turn. If you’re a fan of cherry blossoms, Mt. Yoshino, located in Nara Prefecture is where you should head to. You can observe a spectacular view as thousands of cherry trees blossom and produce sweet shades of pink covering the mountain. 

5. Hwasun County, South Korea

South Korea is another perfect country to visit in Spring. With warm weather, Korea offers magical views for travelers. You can visit Seryang Je Lake in spring and enjoy beautiful nature sights. All the trees are blossoming in different colors and reflect in the crystal water. Rather than being crowded like Seoul, Hwasun County in Spring gives a different aspect of Korea as you can enjoy a peaceful moment while visiting the green tea fields here.

6. Halle, Belgium

If you are in love with nature, don’t miss out on Halle, Belgium. Located in the south of Brussels, Hallerbos or Bois de Halle is surrounded by a beech forest. In Spring, the whole forest turns into a green paradise. You can walk in the forest and see millions of tiny bluebells bloom. Tourists enjoy this place as it provides a wonderful moment when the sun is low and the rays pour through the trees.

7. Queenstown, New Zealand

New Zealand in Spring is a famous tourist place. Of course, visiting Queenstown in Spring can help you to see blossoms of the Southern Rata tree or a scarlet red flowering tree. However, more than seeing nature and flowers, you can take part in a special event in Queenstown in early Spring and enjoy a lot of different activities. Keep in mind that Spring in New Zealand starts in September.

8. Provence, France

If you are bored with pink shades of cherry blossom in Spring. Why don’t you try to visit Provence and see lavender fields? In Spring, this place transforms into a spectacular view with all the trees in Ménerbes and lavender fields blooming. It will be more memorable if you visit France this time with your lover or best friends.

9. Bodrum, Turkey

Turkey is famous for its beaches in summer. However, Spring in Turkey is great too. In the early months of the year, Turkey has lovely weather with 25 degrees Celsius during the day. You can walk in moderate weather and explore the city. Rather than one kind of tree, you can observe several figs, pomegranates, citrus, apricots, cherries, and almonds blooming in the Spring.

10. Ticino, Switzerland

One of the perfect times to visit Switzerland is in the Spring. This country offers plenty of options to explore. In Ticino, tourists can see the spring blossoms in all their glory. You can wander around and discover the city under the warm weather. This city is funny and delightful during Spring.
All of those places are great but which one takes your fancy? Share with us your next destination for this Spring.