Travel Trends for Spring 2022

Travel Trends for Spring 2022

After years of lockdown, the vaccine passport has enabled people to live normally. Governments from different countries have decreased coronavirus restrictions or accepted this is a manageable part of life. With the support of governments as well as enthusiastic people to travel again, travel will be sure to be on a rebound and there are some changes in the way people will travel. Today, we will have a look at some travel trends for Spring 2022.

Restriction-free destinations

To support local tourism to grow strongly, many booster programs have been brought about. International travel has become easier than ever before as countries relax their entry requirements. Some countries are about to reopen soon such as Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Japan, and Malaysia. At the end of last year, Vietnam began the process of allowing outsiders with the resumption of flights to the US.

Family Travel: Going on the edu-vacation

Many children have fallen behind classes due to quarantines. Hence, parents have a rising need to choose resorts with educational activities. Martinhal resorts in Portugal has partnered with the United Lisbon International School to provide a two-week educational camp for children. Or some hotels offer French or historical lessons while taking scavenger hunts.

Wellness Tourism

The pandemic has boosted the need for mental health and well-being. Research also shows that the wellness market will grow 10% per year and reach $7 trillion by 2025. People tend to look for travel places focusing on self-care and learning to be healthy. People will choose a place where they can immerse themselves in nature or outdoor activities such as cooking classes, group hikes, and meditation circles.

Organized Solo Travel 

The advantage of traveling solo is that you can choose a trip that tailors your need or personal interest and quickly changes the schedule. Due to uncertainty over the past two years, travelers tend to book trips by themselves. Other than waiting for a partner or friend to travel together which will take time and consideration, people are going solo. On their journey, solo travelers can meet up with new friends and have new travel buddies to share a lot of values and form deep friendships.