Visit Sweden during summer: What to do and where to go

Visit Sweden during summer: What to do and where to go

Located in the Nordic region, Sweden has always been known as a green destination in the eyes of international tourists because of the fresh air of nature and the gentle life of the local people. Visitors to Sweden will always experience peace and serenity that contrasts with the excitement of a bustling modern Europe. This is one of the countries in Europe with the most pleasant climate and you can visit Sweden at any time.

However, summer in Sweden is something special that will not disappoint you because of its long days and short nights. Let’s dive in to find out some best things to do in Sweden in the summer.

Celebrating the summer solstice

The summer solstice, also known as midsummer, is the formal start of summer in the Northern Hemisphere, marking both the longest day and the shortest night of the year. It's one of Europe's most revered and spiritual evenings, traditionally linked to both Christian St. John the Baptist and a more ancient Pagan ceremony. This festival, which takes place in Sweden on the closest Friday to June 23, is one of the most important in the Scandinavian country's calendar and brings people of all ages together. Traditional foods such as pickled herring, salmon, and potatoes are enjoyed by flower-wreath-wearing revelers, and maypole and folk dances—such as the Små grodorna—take center stage. Why don't you join in the fun and exciting celebration that lasts until night?

Photo: Sofia Carter

Enjoy nature while hiking

With over 400 paths making their way across the country, Sweden is ideal for hiking in the summer. The King's Trail (Kungsleden in Swedish) runs between Abisko and Hemavan and is one of the most well-known. The track passes through the breathtaking beauty of Swedish Lapland, with mountains and lakes at every turn, and depending on which stretch you hike, you may even pass by the base of Sweden's highest peak, Giebmegáisi. To hike the King's Trail, you'll need to wait for the snow to melt, and late June marks the beginning of the summer trekking season. There are lots of shorter routes that are suitable for a half or full day of strolling if you're looking for something a little less demanding.

Photo: Fredrik Broman/

Live the adventure on a kayak

With miles of coastline and thousands of lakes and islands, Sweden has plenty of locations to kayak or canoe. From rivers that cut through grasslands and marshes in Swedish Lapland to the sea along the west coast, you can take to the water almost any place in Sweden.

Photo: Alexander Hall

Take a fun and peaceful fishing trip

In Sweden, there are many fishing options, and summer is the best season to go. River fishing is more common in the north, where the major river systems are located, but it is also possible to fish in the rivers of central Sweden, such as the Klarälven. The west coast is ideal for deep-sea fishing (you can even catch lobster and oysters), while the east shore's archipelago is ideal for catching sea trout and pike.

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Seeing the midnight sun

During the summer, the sun does not set at high latitudes due to the earth's axial tilt. To fully experience this phenomenon you’ll need to head above the Arctic Circle where it’ll feel like you’re watching the sunset and rise at the same time. The sun can be seen at midnight for 32 days in a row in Jokkmokk, which is located just north of the Arctic Circle, and 56 days without darkness in Abisko. The best part about the midnight sun is that you can spend as much time outside as you like. Because the light is so soft, photographers will find plenty of fantastic opportunities.

Photo credit: Alexander Cahlenstein

As you can see, there is no shortage of activities in Sweden during the summer for you to have exciting and beautiful experiences during your trip, and you may do them wherever. However, each place will give you a completely different feeling about those experiences because of the unique features of each region. So choose a place you are impressed with and love to come to and experience the most perfect summer.