Where to enjoy Swedish Spring. The best places to go in 2022

Where to enjoy Swedish Spring. The best places to go in 2022

Spring is ideal for vacation and Sweden in Spring is where you can expect the unexpected: Flowers start to bloom, warmer days start to set in, the streets, parks, and outdoor coffee shops are crowded with people enjoying the cozy atmosphere. Sweden in spring is something really special that you can not miss. In this blog post, we will suggest some special places for you to enjoy this beautiful country in spring.


Spring and cherry blossoms are a perfect combo. It will be romantic and memorable to enjoy your time under the beautiful shade of light pink whether you spend the holiday with your family, friends, or lovers. In Kungsträdgården located in central Stockholm, the streets are lined with those beautiful pink flowers. More than cherry blossoms, Kungsträdgården attracts visitors with its unique outdoor cafés, art galleries, and restaurants.

Norrvikens Trädgårdar

If you wish to remind your lovers of the time you get married, Norrvikens Trädgårdar is a great place as it is one of the most popular places to get married. In spring, this place is attractive with its beautiful buildings and lush gardens. The park is filled with trees and flowers blossom during spring. 

Picture from Rucksack.se

Beech forest

Spring is not all about flowers. In Sweden, beech forests blooming in spring are one of the most beautiful things to experience. The warm sunshine plus green leaves from the canopy of beech will provide you with a vibrant share of green. You can enjoy your me-time moment by wandering across the beech forests or having a walk with your beloved one. To easily find the nearest beech forest, you can search for bokskog in your area.

Rapeseed Fields in Skåne

If you love the yellow shade, the rapeseed field of Southern Sweden will surprise you. When you drive across the region of Skåne, you can observe rapeseed fields starting to bloom and light up with bright yellow flowers. The sea of gold of rapeseed fields will be a phenomenal thing you can’t forget.


Gotland is attractive as it offers spectacular landscapes and various activities for visitors. The land is never boring as you can take part in hiking, camping, sailing or simple leisure. If you are a fan of flowers, be sure to visit in time for the poppy seed blossoms. If you are a fan of the beach, Fårö's beaches in Gotland can give you picturesque sights to enjoy your holiday.

Swedish style spa

You wish to relax and have a healing time. Then a spa in Sweden is where you should visit in Spring. Spa in Sweden is special as it often offers outdoor swimming areas or waterfront saunas. During the warm and cozy weather, it is great to dip yourself in the water. There are a lot of popular spas that you can visit such as Ästad Vingård, Falkenberg Strandbad, Vann Spa, Ystad Saltsjöbad.

Asia Spa at Varberg Stadshotell, Halland
Picture from Visitsweden.com


If you love nature and wish to enjoy natural landscapes in spring, Mjällåden is worth a visit. Mjällåden is formed from a group of beautiful valleys located on a geological hotspot. When you hike through the valleys, you can have a chance to see different flora and fauna. One of the greatest local activities is you can fish and try smoking fish here.

The Scandes

Spring is the best time to visit the mountain as you can enjoy trees and flowers blooming during this time. The Scandinavian Mountains in Sweden is definitely the place that you should pay a visit to if you love hiking and climbing. During spring, the temperature is warm and enables travelers to see flora and fauna. Keep in mind that it will be easier to visit this place by car rather than public transportation.


Åre is famous for skiing. However, in spring, Åre is a destination of choice during the warmer days as it provides breathtaking landscapes. When you visit there, you can join hiking, biking, or paragliding. The most attractive thing is you can witness the meadows of Ullådalen or the Välliste fell. 

toppstugan-37.jpgPicture from Lundhags.com


Sweden is famous for its beautiful parks in spring. If you love a picnic location, Alnarps park located in the south of the country is an ideal one. When visiting there, you can observe an abundance of Wood anemones. The park is perfect to see Sweden in full bloom.